Wednesday, 24 October 2012


How to group animals.
1. Animals with similar external features can be grouped in the same group.
2. These are example of how to group animals according to their similarities in 
external features.

a) Animals with horns
i) Cow
ii) Goat
iii) Deer
iv) Buffalo  

b) Animals with beak
i) Chicken
ii) Duck
iii) Owl
iv) Eagle

c) Animals with claws
i) Lion
ii) Bear
iii) Eagle
iv) Crocodile

d) Animals with fur
i) Rabbit
ii) Cat
iii) Squirrel

e) Animals with scales
i) Fish
ii) Crocodile
iii) Snake

f) Animals with shell
i) Tortoise
ii) Crab
iii) Snail

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